Recently I was in the Frayser area and I noticed that the former Ms. Winners location was now a Jr's Fish & Chicken. I have seen them around town along with Captain JJ's but I've never tried any. I decided to stop by and see what they had to offer. Their menu is actually pretty vast ranging from gyro's to wings. They also sell Italian Beef!!!! This actually surprised me a great deal. I opted to treat my office for lunch when I saw the sign that said for $20 you get 20 whole wings, family fries, and a 2 liter. That I felt was an absolute bargain. I decided to add catfish as well. image As you can see the wings are a very nice size and they sauced them generously. This proved to be far too much food so we split the leftovers. The fries are seasoned and very good. The wings themselves were terrific. We got the honey hot flavor and it was great. Untitled I've since stopped by a few more times and the guys in there are always nice, and there's always a new special. I highly recommend you trying them out. Jr.'s Fish & Chicken on Urbanspoon


For Valentine’s Day I surprised my wife by taking us to Folk’s Folly. This place is a Memphis icon and has been for many years. They are well known for the steaks among other things. I know I’ve been dying to go here forever. I’ve heard and read so many things over the years that it pretty impossible to pass up. I also heard the service was the best.

Upon getting there we opted for the valet parking. When we got inside we were immediately taken to our table which I had reserved. I had cheated a little and scoped out their menu ahead of time and suggested to my wife what she may like. Our server was very very nice and offered additional suggestions.

For an appetizer we chose the crabcakes. The only thing I didn’t like about them was there was only two. They were absolutely fantastic. I haven’t had crabcakes that good since Imonelli’s in Lafayette, LA. This far up from the gulf you just don’t find them that good usually.

Additionally I ordered the wedge salad with creamy blue cheese. My wife ordered their famous she-crab soup. I’ll admit its the first time I’ve ever tried she-crab soup and I was impressed. With just a hint of sherry it was perfect. The right amount of crab taste with a hint of sea. As for my wedge salad I felt let down. The wedge salad is my favorite salad to get in steakhouses. (The best one being at Outback in my opinion.) I did read the description but somehow a hunk of lettuce drizzled with blue cheese looked better in my mind. There wasn’t anything additional on or around it. Next time I will know.

For the main course I ordered the New York Strip with crabmeat bearnaise as an enhancer. (At first they forgot my bearnaise to I had to send it back.) My wife ordered the Veal Piccata. My steak was cooked perfectly and the crabmeat bearnaise was a perfect addition. My wife really didn’t care for her dish. It comes with a lemon caper butter that is a little overwhelming in the caper tasting department. For our vegetables we ordered the Garlic Leek Mashed Potatoes (Outstanding!) and we also ordered the hand battered onion rings. I was pretty surprised to see these on the menu but so glad they were.

For dessert we split the creme brule.

Overall it was a very pleasant experience. We never felt rushed or uncomfortable. I was a bit intimidated before I went but it truly is a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. I’m sure you have read that they are a bit on the pricey side. I do recommend you go here at least once for the experience.

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I’ve obviously heard of Kelvin’s. I’ve read a couple of fellow blogger’s posts, and I really am trying to further expand my adventures around the great city of Memphis. One day I really got a taste for some hot wings. (Happens often actually.)

I called in my order and headed over. When I walked in I immediately wished I had a menu in advance. I still wanted the wings, but I was amazed and pleased they sold lots more than just hot wings. They have a BBQ Bologna sandwich. (Gotta love any place that sells those.) They also sell 1/4 pound hot dogs, BBQ sandwiches, and burgers.

They had my wings ready and waiting for me, and I was pretty excited based on the aromas coming from my bag. As soon as I got back to work I opened up my box and was instantly pleased.


I ordered the six whole wing combo with seasoned fries. The wings are different from most places I’ve tried. They were great though, and so were the fries.

I’ve actually ordered them twice more since and I had the wings all three times. One day I am determined to try some BBQ!

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(The above image was sourced from the Memphis Que blog as I failed to capture a decent image.)

The Tops BBQ on Thomas St. (Hwy 51) in Frayser isn’t much at all to look at; however, if you stop by during lunch time you will be met with a large crowd every day. They must be doing something right! I haven’t always been to fond of Tops as far as BBQ is concerned. The other locations I’ve tried just weren’t that good. I never was, and still am not a fan of their sauce. Too mustardy for me.

As you can see from the photo their pit stands at the front like a beacon. You can smell the wonderful smells as you pull into their ever cramped parking lot. When you walk inside it’s just as heavenly. The BBQ at this locations is far above the standard at the other Tops I’ve tried. The meat has an excellent smokiness to it and never dry. I still just order my sandwich with slaw only. No matter which sauce I try (mild, hot, or sweet) I just don’t like it.

What I wanted to write about today is not their BBQ but their amazing burgers. I’ve read plenty of posts about how great they are which of course got me very curious. Each burger combo comes with 2 sides. I opted for the “double fry” option. If you’re looking for healthy, low carb, or low fat steer clear. What you’ll get is a fantastically delicious yet greasy burger with some amazing fries. Every time….

Each burger is cooked to order and seasoned with salt and pepper only. I typically order mine with “ketchup everything.” You can also get any other condiment you want.

The picture above it from a regular cheese burger with double fries. The taste was exceptional. If you’re feeling more adventurous or just really really hungry you should opt for the double cheeseburger (below).


Make no mistake… it was delicious however I could almost feel my arteries begin to clog. It was as greasy at it looks and ten times more delicious. It actually looks like the bun might slip off the burger due to the grease factor. (I hope my doctor isn’t reason this….)

If you are ever in that part of town please stop by. They have a great staff that is always super busy but super efficient.

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So recently I was contacted by Seth Resler, the founder of Mystery Meat Find Dining Podcast. I was absolutely thrilled and honored that he approached me. Obviously I said yes to be on a podcast.

You can access the podcast via his website at:

Also, please be sure and find his podcast on itunes to listen to some great shows featuring foodies from around the country.

If one of my fellow food bloggers happens to be reading this give Seth Resler a shout on Twitter and let him know you’re interested!
@Mystery_Meet on Twitter

Please please please watch this video on YouTube so that you can get the full gist of what Mystery Meat is really all about. I could try to explain but I’m afraid I couldn’t do it justice.


I actually stumbled across Vinnie’s when I was down in Savannah for work. It was my last night there and I wanted something different to eat so I broke away from my group who was headed for a chain restaurant. It didn’t look like much from the outside but the aromas coming from that place were incredible. Since it was just me I walked right in and got a seat at the bar.


I included that last pic because in downtown Savannah you can walk around with your beer if it’s in a plastic cup….Pretty nice eh? I was shocked and pleased when I saw how reasonable the prices were. I started off with one slice just to see if I liked it. As soon as I took a bite of the first one I promptly ordered another. The slices are $2.50 each and .50 for each topping.

As you can see the slices are pretty big. 2 slices, plus 2 beers, and tip cost me about $16. I left there stuffed and happy. They have plenty of outside seating as well. The people are very friendly and like I mentioned before the prices are great. The pizza outstanding. It’s fresh from the oven and is just incredible.

If you are staying in downtown Savannah or just visiting I urge you to try out Vinnie Van Go-Go’s. It actually was my favorite place to eat in Savannah!

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